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Adaptil Starter Kit
Adaptil Starter Kit

Adaptil Starter Kit

The Adaptil Starter Kit includes an Adaptil dog appeasing pheromone diffuser and a 30 day diffuser refill. Adaptil uses ca...Read More
Your Price: $39.99
Adaptil Starter Kit (1 Diffuser + 1 Diffuser Refill)
Retail Price: $45.99
You Save: $6.00
  • Brand Name:
  • Adaptil Starter Kit by Ceva Animal Health
Adaptil Starter Kit Ingredients

  • Dog Appeasing Pheromone

Adaptil Starter Kit Basics

  • The Adaptil Starter Kit is available over the counter. No prescription is required.
  • The Adaptil Starter Kit utilizes a synthetic copy of the dog appeasing pheromone (D.A.P.) that mother dogs produce 3 - 5 days after giving birth.
  • D.A.P. is said to help with behavioral issues by calming and comforting dogs.
  • The Adaptil Starter Kit comes with...
  • - 1 Adaptil Diffuser
  • - 1 30-Day Adaptil Diffuser Refill Cartridge
  • The Adaptil Diffuser can help dogs adjust to stressful situations.

Adaptil Starter Kit Warnings

  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Diffusers can get hot. Do not plug diffusers in behind furniture or place any object over diffusers.
  • Do not let children play near diffusers.
  • Do not touch the diffuser with wet hands.
  • Unplug the Adaptil diffuser for cleaning.
  • Adaptil is only effective on dogs.
  • Replace the Adaptil diffuser after 6 months.
  • Adaptil may take up to 30 days to reach full effectiveness.
  • Do not touch or consume Adaptil.
  • Do not allow the Adaptil refill to get into your eyes.

Details About Adaptil Starter Kit
"The Adaptil Starter Kit includes an Adaptil dog appeasing pheromone diffuser and a 30 day diffuser refill. Adaptil uses canine pheromones to help solve behavioral issues."
Adaptil Starter Kit Is Used To Treat These Symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • Separation Anxiety

Possible Side Effects When Using Adaptil Starter Kit

  • No Reported Side Effects

Adaptil Starter Kit Directions

  • Follow the instructions printed on the product label.
  • Supervise children while they are near the Adaptil diffuser.
  • Adaptil will work on dogs only.
  • Replace your Adaptil diffuser refill every 30 days.
  • Adaptil may take 30 days to become effective.
  • Do not plug in diffusers near furniture, cloth, or any flammable material.

Our Information Is Not Intended To Replace The Advice Of Your Veterinarian
"Do not use our product information for diagnostic purposes. Always take your pet to your veterinarian to obtain a diagnosis and course of treatment. Only your veterinarian is qualified to assess all possible side effects, interactions, precautions, warnings and possible allergic reactions relating to the use of this product or drug with your pet."
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Adaptil Starter Kit