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Articles: Dog

Published In: Dog, 07-04-2016
Did you know that joint pain in dogs is the most common type of chronic pain that veterinarians treat each year‾ An extremely large percentage of dogs are affected by this painful condition. It can affect all breeds of dogs but is most common in overweight and larger breeds. Although there is no cure for joint pain and arthritis, the pain associated with these symptoms can be easily manag...
Published In: Dog, 05-11-2017
Here at PetMart, we talk a lot about congestive heart failure. Some of our most popular medications are Vetmedin, Spironolactone, Furosemide, and Enalapril- all used to treat pets in congestive heart failure. Once a pet is diagnosed, they are typically on these medications for life. But what exactly is this condition, and how is it treated‾‚Ä®First off, it is worth noting that both dogs and ...
Published In: Dog, 05-11-2017
We frequently have pets come into our clinic with pancreatitis. When we use the suffix "-itis" in the medical field, that just means "inflammation of." So pancreatitis is a catch-all term for inflammation of the pancreas. The problem with the inflammatory process is that it often times goes overboard, causing inflammation of more than just the pancreas. We often see this inflammation extend...
Published In: Dog, 05-11-2017
So you've finally decided to take the plunge and get a puppy. How exciting! Now which breed will it be‾ It's a pretty straightforward decision, right‾ Wrong!Dog breeds are not a one-size-fits-all kind of decision. There are so many dog breeds to choose from. While overwhelming, having so many breeds to choose from is a good thing. More choices means that you can pick the right dog for yo...
Published In: Dog, 05-11-2017
There's no sugarcoating it-- parvo kills! So what is this deadly disease‾ What causes it and how can it be prevented‾ Here, we'll review everything you need to know about parvo, including its causes, symptoms, and treatment.What exactly is parvo‾The parvovirus is thought to have mutated from a feline gastrointestinal virus called panleukopenia. Parvovirus specifically targets rapidly replic...
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