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General Information:
Generic Name:
Nystatin / Neomycin / Thiostrepton / Triamcinolone
Brand Names:
Animax by Pharmaderm
Panolog by Fort Dodge
Quadritop by Butler-Schein
Quadritop is an ointment used in the treatment bacterial and yeast infections on the skin, as well as treating dry skin and other skin disorders.

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Quadritop Is Used To Treat These Symptoms:
• Itching
• Hives
• Rashes
• Inflammation
• Dermatitis
• Bacterial Infection
• Yeast Infection
• Fungal Infection
• Allergic Reactions
• Skin Infection
• Ringworm
• Dry Skin
Possible Side Effects With Quadritop:
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Irritation
• Swelling
• Increased Thirst
• Excessive Urination
Allergic Reactions
Side effects from
QUADRITOP topical ointment are rare, but skin reactions can occur, like...
    - redness
    - irritation
    - swelling
If problems persist, stop the treatment of
QUADRITOP Ointment and consult your veterinarian.

Another rare side effect can come from overexposure to corticosteroids that are absorbed in to the body.  If a dog is exposed to corticosteroid treatments too long they can develop a condition known as Cushing's syndrome.

- Use as prescribed by your veterinarian
- Affected area must be clean before applying QUADRITOP
- Use gloves or wash hands immediately after treatment with
- Store
QUADRITOP at room temperature
- Do not use in eyes
- Dosage depends on the severity of the condition

Dosage for DOGS and CATS
For mild skin inflammations
- Apply ointment once daily to once a week
For severe skin inflammations

- Apply ointment up to 2-3 times per day, as necessary

For infected anal glands

- Drain gland and fill with

Dosage FAQ's
- In the case of a missed dose of
QUADRITOP Ointment, give it as soon as you remember, unless it is nearly time for the next treatment.  DO NOT GIVE A DOUBLE DOSE OF QUADRITOP Ointment.
- An overdose of
QUADRITOP is highly unlikely, but if you feel like you have given an overdose then contact your veterinarian immediately.
Active Ingredient
100,000 Units
Neomycin Sulfate
2.5 mg
2,500 Units
Triamcinolone Acetonide
1 mg
The product information provided is for educational purposes only. Our product information is not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian. Do not use our product information for diagnostic purposes. Always take your pet to your veterinarian to obtain a diagnosis and course of treatment. Our product information may not cover all aspects of the drug or product you're viewing. Only your veterinarian is qualified to assess all possible side effects, interactions, precautions, warnings and possible allergic reactions relating to the use of this product or drug with your pet. Our product information is not meant to be a substitute for a veterinary exam. All trademarks are the property of their respective companies.
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