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Enlarge Advantage II For Cats
Enlarge Advantage II For Cats
Enlarge Advantage II For Cats
Enlarge Advantage II For Cats
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Advantage II For Cats
Over 9 lbs
5 to 9 lbs
1 to 5 lbs
Advantage II For Cats - 1 to 5 lbs
4 months
Save $9.00
Advantage II For Cats - 5 to 9 lbs
4 Months
Save $9.50
6 Months
Save $20.40
12 Months
Save $40.00
Advantage II For Cats - Over 9 lbs
4 Months
Save $9.50
6 Months
Save $9.40
12 Months
Save $20.00
General Information:
Generic Name:
Brand Name:
Advantage II by Bayer
ADVANTAGE II for CATS is used to control flea infestations.

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Advantage II For Cats Is Used To Treat These Symptoms:
• Fleas
Possible Side Effects With Advantage II For Cats:
• Irritation
Some irritation at the application site has been noted and some animals experience excessive salivation.   However, there have been very few serious side effects reported with this product. 
- Use as directed by your veterinarian
- Follow the instructions on the prescription label
- Store at room temperature
- ADVANTAGE II for CATS should be applied to the skin between the shoulder blades
- Be sure to empty the entire contents in the same spot around the shoulder blades
- Do not use in kittens less than 8 weeks old

Dosage for CATS
Cats and kittens at least 8 weeks of age and 1 to 5 pounds
Box color:  TEAL
- 0.23mL tube

- Apply between shoulder blades

Cats 5 to 9 pounds
Box color:  ORANGE
- 0.4mL tube

- Apply between shoulder blades
Cats over 9 pounds
Box color:  PURPLE
- 0.8mL tube

- Apply between shoulder blades

Dosage FAQ's
- In the case of a missed dose of ADVANTAGE for CATS, give it as soon as you remember or just wait until it is time to give the next one.  DO NOT GIVE A DOUBLE DOSE OF ADVANTAGE for CATS.
- Overdose cases are rare

Active Ingredient

Probably one of the most confusing products to choose today is the appropriate topical flea medication for your pet.  The market has been saturated in the last ten years with so many products that it is difficult for veterinary professionals to keep up with the many options. I have chosen to continue to use the best products available and have avoided their generic counterparts.  I simply get too many negative reports from clients about the generic flea products to risk using them with my canine and feline patients. 

One of the most reliable and effective flea medications is still the Bayer product, ADVANTAGE II.  I rarely get complaints about application and effectiveness of the ADVANTAGE line of products.  The most common comment is that ADVANTAGE II does not appear to last an entire month after application.  Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but none of the topical flea products seem to last for a full 30 days.  I typically have clients with flea problems apply ADVANTAGE II to their pets twice monthly to ensure adequate protection.  Bayer has multiple products available, (ADVANTAGE MULTI, ADVANTIX, ADVANTAGE II), allowing you and your veterinarian to choose the best option for your pet.

The product information provided is for educational purposes only. Our product information is not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian. Do not use our product information for diagnostic purposes. Always take your pet to your veterinarian to obtain a diagnosis and course of treatment. Our product information may not cover all aspects of the drug or product you're viewing. Only your veterinarian is qualified to assess all possible side effects, interactions, precautions, warnings and possible allergic reactions relating to the use of this product or drug with your pet. Our product information is not meant to be a substitute for a veterinary exam. All trademarks are the property of their respective companies.
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