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PupSTEP Plus Stairs
General Information:
Brand Name:
Solvit by Solvit
The PUPSTEP PLUS STAIRS pet stairs from Solvit Products offers the perfect combination of value, performance, and styling.

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- Position the back leg in the “locked” position: Swing out the back leg section (which is folded under the main stair section) until both of the “locking tabs” are engaged in their respective windows in the “locking rib” section. To ease the engagement of the locking tab into the window, press down gently on the “button” on the locking tab arm.
- Attach stair treads: There should be four adhesive-backed tread covers included with your stairs. Working one step at a time, peel the white paper backing off each tread piece and press firmly into the recessed area on each plastic step. Hold pressure for a few seconds before moving to the next piece. Repeat until all four tread pieces are installed.
- Attach non-slip feet (optional): Attach the non-slip feet only if the stairs will be used on a slick surface, such as wood flooring. Peel the backing from each piece and press firmly into the recessed area at the corners on the underside of the stairs. Repeat for all four corners.
- Re-fold into the closed position for storage or travel. To do this, simply press the release “button” located on both locking tabs located on the upper part of the back leg.
- Training: Many pets will take to the stairs immediately, while others will require patience and gradual training. Try placing treats on the steps to encourage your pet to climb. Covering the stairs with something familiar, like a favorite blanket with treats placed on top can also help pets overcome their hesitation. If your pet becomes anxious while training, take some time off and let them learn to use the steps at their own pace.

PUPSTEP PLUS STAIRS are intended for small-medium size pets only! Not intended for human use or for carrying heavier loads. Please follow this guideline strictly.

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