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Buy Bethanechol Compound at Pet Mart Pharmacy

Bethanechol Compound

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Bethanechol Compound Basics
  • Bethanechol is available by prescription only.
  • Bethanechol is used when an animal's bladder cannot effectively expel urine, a condition often caused by...
  • surgery
  • the use of some drugs
  • Bethanechol stimulates bladder contractions.
  • Bethanechol is a synthetic cholinergic ester that affects cholinergic receptors throughout the body.
  • Bethanechol works by stimulating the receptors found along the bladder wall.
  • When stimulated, the receptors cause the bladder to contract more efficiently to get rid of urine.
  • Bethanechol compound is available in...
  • A capsule
  • An oral liquid

Bethanechol Compound Warnings
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Do not use in animals with...
  • urinary obstructions
  • recent bladder or intestinal surgery
  • a weakened bladder wall
  • Avoid use in animals with...
  • an overactive thyroid gland
  • gastrointestinal ulcers
  • inflammatory intestinal disorders
  • gastrointestinal obstructions
  • Use caution in animals with...
  • epilepsy
  • asthma
  • low blood pressure
  • Notify your veterinarian if your pet is taking any other medications.
  • Bethanechol may interact negatively with other drugs, especially...
  • epinephrine
  • atropine
  • procainamide
  • Store at room temperature, protected from light and moisture.
  • Shake suspension well before use.

Bethanechol Compound Directions
  • Use as directed by your veterinarian.
  • Follow the instructions printed on the prescription label.
  • Store bethanechol at room temperature.
  • Duration of administration depends on the condition being treated.
  • Be sure to complete the prescription in its entirety.
  • For best results, give bethanechol on an empty stomach.
  • If your pet vomits after receiving bethanechol, give the medication with food.
  • Shake suspension well before use.

If you notice any behavioral or physiological changes in your pet while giving bethanechol, contact your veterinarian.
Adverse Reactions and Serious Side Effects
  • Overdoses can happen and can be serious. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you believe your pet may have ingested too much bethanechol.
  • Signs of an overdose include...
  • Ataxia
  • Depression
  • Hypersalivation
  • Muscle twitching
  • Vomiting

  • Name:
  • Bethanechol Compound
  • Description:
  • Bethanechol Compound is used to stimulate bladder contractions in dogs and cats.
  • For Pet(s):
  • Dog, Cat
  • Categories:
  • Urinary Tract, Compounds
  • Ingredients:
  • Oral Suspension Contains Almond Oil
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