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PetMart Pharmacy, LLC
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PetMart Shelter Partners

Does PetMart have a Shelter Donation Program?

YES!!! 501c3 Groups that sign up can get monthly checks. We will donate 5% of all sales that have been ordered under your specific code each month to your organization.The more sales you have, the higher the donation paid to your organization by PetMart Pharmacy. There is NO limit!

What counts towards a shelter donation?

Any medicine or stock purchase counts. Anyone can use the code and donate 5% of their order to your group, so spread the word!
How can I tell my shelter about it?

Email info@petmartpharmacy.com for a registration form. Forward that form to either your group’s president or treasurer. Once the form has been returned, we will create a special code for your group. We will also post about your group on our Facebook page to allow you some free PR!

Once we are set up, how do we order and start receiving our monthly 5% checks?

Your group members can order online or by telephone. Use the special code for your organization during checkout. Visit us at www.petmartpharmacy.com or call us at (877) 220 – 6337.

Customers who buy medicines/products from PetMart Pharmacy will enter the code during checkout. Orders can be placed on-line or by telephone. You can email or post the code with a link to PetMart Pharmacy on your social media sites, newsletters, and emails.

Current Listing of Shelter Groups and Code:

BCHS Donation – BlountHS
Blount County SPCA Donation – BlountSPCA
Carbon County Animal Rescue – CCAR
Central Nebraska Humane Society – CNHS
FurKids, Inc. – FurKIDS
Give Me Shelter Project – GMSP
Greyhound Pets TN Chapter Donation – GPAMTN
GPA/Three Rivers Greyhounds, Inc – GPA3Rivers
GPA/ Louisiana & Mississippi – GPALA&MS
Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue – MFSR
Morristown Hamblen Humane – Society MHHS
Pitbulls and Professionals - PITPRO
Puppy Haven Roswell – PuppyHaven
Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation – SMACF
St. Louis Pet Rescue – SLPR
flea and tick prevention
petmeds and pharmacy
interceptor plus 10926
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